Introduction of extrusion principle and equipment composition of extruders

The extruder is originated in England in the 18th century, when it was a manual extruder. With the advent of large-scale electrical systems in the 20th century, electrically operated extruders quickly replaced the manual extruders. 

What is the extrusion principle and equipment composition of extruders?

Add powder or granules into the hopper of the extruder, mix them well with a high-speed mixer. The mixed material is heated and melt then extruded from a perforated die or wire mesh using an extruder with high extrusion pressure.

Generally, the material is extruded with a screw. After the using of the frequency converter speed regulation technology, the pressure can be controlled, so that the appropriate linear speed can be selected.

Extrusion molding is to continuously shape the polymer melt through a certain shape of the die under the extrusion action of the extruder screw, and the obtained product is a continuous profile with a constant cross-sectional shape.

There are two types of extrusion molding equipment: screw extruder and plunger extruder. The former is continuous extrusion and the latter is intermittent extrusion. Screw extruders can be divided into single-screw extruders, twin-screw extruders, vented extruders and multi-screw extruders. Among them, the single-screw extruder is the most used and the most basic extruder in current production.

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