What feeding methods are used in extruder production?

The equipment that feeds the extruder hopper is called the material feeder.  It is the most commonly used plastic auxiliary equipment in plastic extrusion line. In actual production, there are many feeding methods in order to meet the requirements of various extruders.

1. Manual feeding;

When China's plastics industry was just beginning to develop, there is no condition to purchase a large number of materials feeding equipment. At that time, the most common method used by major plastic production plants was manual feeding. Even in the current production, many small plastic products factories with only a few extruders still use manual feeding methods to feed the extruder hopper.

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2. Pneumatic conveying feeding;

Pneumatic conveying, also known as air conveying, utilizes the energy of air flow to transport granular materials in the direction of air flow in a closed pipeline, which is a specific application of fluidization technology. In general, pneumatic conveying can be divided into vacuum feeding and compressed air pipeline feeding according to the positive and negative air pressure.

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3. Mechanical conveying and feeding;

There are many ways of mechanical conveying and feeding as follows: spring feeding method, screw feeding method, conveyor belt feeding method, etc.

The spring feeding method is to install a spring in the rubber tube, and the motor directly drives the spring to rotate at a high speed. With the help of the high-speed rotation of the spring, the raw material in the material box spirally rises along the spring, and when it reaches the opening of the rubber tube, the pellets are thrown into the upper hopper driven by centrifugal force.

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The screw feeding method provides centrifugal force and force along the direction of the barrel to the material through the high-speed rotation of the propeller blade.

Conveyor belt feeding method is relatively rare. The raw material of the extruder using this feeding method is generally flakes, and the extruder does not use a storage hopper but a compression bin structure.

Different method has their own advantages. if you want to know more details or have requirements about the extrusion lines and auxiliary equipment, please contact us. Welcome to our factory for on-site inspection. We will provide you with professional technical guidance and equipment procurement advice.

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