Yarn Ball Winder

Most-Advanced Automatic Rope Ball Winder

Rope ball winding machine is used to wind different filaments and yarns into ball shape. The shape and size of the ball is adjustable. The whole process is fully automatic and of high speed. KHMC provides 2 types of balling machines, with shared and independent controlling system separately. 

Function: Rewinder of rope

Finished product shape: Ball shape, Roll shape, Olive shape, Cross shape

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Product Description

Technical Parameters

Max Size170*170mm170*170mm170*170mm170*170mm300*300mm500*500mm
Ball Weight≦50g≦200g≦500g≦1000g≦2000g≦5000g
Motor Power540w540w540w540w1.1kw1.5kw
Rotation Rate1500-4500r/min1500-4500r/min1500-4500r/min1500-4500r/min1450r/min1450r/min
Weigh for 1pc110kg110kg110kg110kg180kg230kg
Size for 1pc800*460*850mm800*460*850mm800*460*850mm800*460*850mm830*490*1000mm850*510*1000mm
Applicable materialsFilament, wool, paper, cotton , etc.Plastic, fiber, wool, cotton, paper, etc.Plastic, fiber, wool, cotton, paper jute etc.Plastic, fiber, wool, cotton, paper jute etc.Plastic, wool, cotton, paper jute, tape, etc.Cloth tape, filber strap. etc


The ball winding machine is suitable for producing balls with flat rope, paper rope, nylon rope, jute rope, woolen thread, cotton thread, cloth strip, etc.


Installation and Operation

The equipment is easy to operate, and one worker can operate 4-8 stations at the same time. Our company provides a full set of installation and operation videos and instruction manuals to help customers standardize their use behavior. It is very easy to learn. Customers are welcomed to provide sample to test to find the most suitable machine to make proper products, saving time, saving costs, thereby increasing profit margins.

More Choices

For the independent controlling system type, we can do single spindle, double spindles, four spindles, five spindles or more. For the shared controlling system type, we normally do 10 or 12 spindles. We can also provide customized machinery according to your needs. 

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