Plastic Twine Extruding Machine

High Quality PP Baler Twine Making Machine With Stable Performance 

The twine extruding machine is to make film type rope through a whole process of heating, extruding, stretching and winding. It makes single layer twine by water cooling. This machinery is also called T-die type extruding line. Plastic blowing machine is also available to make double layer twine.

Material: PP

Finished Shape: Flat, Fibrillated

Extruder size: 65 & 80 & 90 & 110 & 125 & 140 & 160

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Product Description

Technical Parameters

Screw Diameter(mm)658090110125140160
Gross power (kw)758597106114123142
Actual power consumption (kw)30364149526271
Dimensions(m)L: 20-25, W: 2-3, H: 2-3
It can be designed according to workshop size.
Total weight(t)

Finished Products

The finished twine is call differently in different areas, like raffia, string, sutli, hay baler twine, tear film, split film, flat yarn,thread, etc. The production line can work with ball winder or bobbin winder to make the baler twine into ball or spool shape. It can also work with twisters to make twisted twine. 


Advantages of Equipment

Our equipment has been specially processed to better adapt to various forms of raw materials, such as waste plastic films, hard plastic sheets, plastic granules, plastic powder, etc. No matter you use pure new material or recycled material, our machine can function well to make good quality products that meets the standards required by customers. Usage of recycled materials, especially the use of flakes and powders, greatly reduces the cost of raw materials and increases the profit of customers. Our machine therefore receives many good reviews from customers all over the world. 

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