Rope Twisting Machine

Cost-Effective M Type 3/4 Strand Rope Twisting Machine

The M type rope twisting machinery is to make 3-40 mm ropes in 3 or 4 strands. Different models are available to make different sizes of ropes. The machine size is customizable according to the size of finished products and raw material. 

Function: For rope twisting

Machine size: M33 & M44 & M55 & M66 & M77 & M88

Direction: s or z

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Product Description

Technical Parameters

Rope Diameter32-40mm26-32mm20-26mm14 -20mm8 -14mm3 -8mm
Motor power30KW-622KW-618.5KW-67.5KW-65.5KW-44KW-4
Dimension(m)14*2.1*2.112*2.1* 2.19.2*2.1*2.17.8* 2*25.2*1.9*1.94.2*1.9*1.9


This machine is suitable to make ropes with different materials, like plastic monofilament rope, plastic flat rope, danline rope, nylon rope, film rope, jute rope, cotton rope, hemp rope, etc. It can work with the coiling machine to make the ropes into small coils.


Technical Improvement 

The machine replaces the machines which make ropes by two processes of single twisting and single plying separately in the past. Twisting and plying are completed on this same machine, which greatly reduces labor costs

Since the equipment is a high-speed rotating machine, the rope-making machine produced by our company is equipped with an induction door. Doors are switches. When the door is opened, the machine stops running; when the door is closed, the machine automatically continues to work. This effectively avoids the possible injury caused by the wrong operation of the workers, and meets the safety technical indicators.

The twist degree of both the single twist and the twisted rope can be adjusted, and the tightness of the winding can be adjusted as well. The machine, therefore, can meet the needs of different end customers’ need. 

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