Brush Filament Making Machine

Energy-Saving PP PET Monofilament Extruder For Brush & Broom

This monofilament machine is to make plastic filaments for brush and broom. It can not only use new and recycled granules, but also can use pet flakes directly to reduce the production cost for customer. Oven and cutter are provided to help to make the filament straight and cut into small pieces in required length. The embossing machine is also available to make crimped filament. 

Material: PP PET

Finished Shape: Round, Crimpled

Extruder size: 65 & 80 & 90 & 110 & 125

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Product Description

Technical Parameters

Screw Diameter(mm)658090110125
Gross power(kw)90100130150170
Actual power consumption (kw)4050657085
Dimensions(m)L: 20-25, W: 2-3, H: 2-3
It can be designed according to workshop size.
Total weight(t)


The brush filament production line is to make filaments for all kinds of brushes and brooms, like scrub brush, bristle brush, toilet brush, road sweeper brush, Christmas tree pine needle, etc.


Production Process of Extruding Part

The mixing dryer - The extruder - The cold water tank – The first traction part - The first stretching part (hot water tank)- The second traction part – The second stretching part(oven) - The winders

Auxiliary Equipment 

Oven: Makes filaments more supple and straight

Cutter: Cut the wrapped filament into agreed small pieces

More auxiliary equipment is available to change the shape of the product and improve the quality of the product. Different products have slight difference in production processes and requires different auxiliary machines. We will recommend according to the actual situation. You are welcomed to contact with us to get advices.

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