Plastic Granulation Machine

High Efficiency Plastic Recycling Granulator Machine

Plastic granulation machine is also called granulator. It is a kind of plastic recycling machine for plastic granules/grains making from waste plastic film, bags, plastic basins, plastic chairs, bottles, etc. The regenerated granules can be used for production of all types of plastic products.

Material: PP PE PA PC PVC PET ABS waste

Finished product: PP PE PA PC PVC PET ABS granules/grains

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Product Description

Technical Parameters

Screw size125mm125mm/125mm150mm/125mm150mm/150mm210mm/180mm
Main motor power30kw22kw45kw75kw110kw
Reducer200200 200250 225280 250325 280
FilterManual filter / electric filterHydraulic filter
Machine Size3000*2000*10003000*2500*15003500*3500*20005000*4000*20007000*5000*2000
Crusher,  automatic loader, washing machine, moving silo can be provide if you need .

Equipment and Services 

Our plastic granulation machine is to make granules by a process of crushing—washing—melting—extruding—cutting—storing. While providing automatic cleaning equipment, our company can also provide customers with factory self-built cleaning pool solutions to save transportation costs.


More Choices 

Our company can produce machines with equipment capacity ranging from 2 tons to 12 tons, from simple equipment to high-end machines, which can meet the requirements of most customers. The optimal solution can be designed and customized according to the customer's raw material types and production capacity requirements. 

Single-step granulator, two-step granulator and three-step granulator are optional. At the same time, in terms of equipment configuration, ceramic heating, cast aluminum heating, electromagnetic energy-saving heating are optional; electric screen changer, hydraulic single-screen screen changer, and hydraulic uninterrupted screen changer are optional. Various functions such as automatic feeding, intelligent temperature control, automatic pressure sensing slag discharge (impurities), automatic water circulation cooling, automatic material storage and other functions are optional, with a high degree of automation, helping customers to increase production and efficiency.

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