PET Bottle Recycling Line

Plastic Bottle Crushing Recycling Machine For PET Flakes Production

PET bottle recycling line is widely used to make waste bottles (water bottle, coke bottles, etc.) into flakes/scraps by a processing of label moving, crushing, washing and drying. The ready-made flakes are mainly used for the fiber production and other related PET products. 

Material: PET bottles

Finished product: PET flakes/scraps

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Product Description

Technical Parameters

ConveyorLabel removerConveyorScrew feederCrusher
Screw LoaderFrictional washer1st Floating washer2nd Floating washerWater extractor


The pet bottle recycling machine can produce pet flakes by a working process of label moving—crushing—washing—drying. Meanwhile, as the water bottle is made of PET, while the cap is made of PE, the cap flakes is also a very high-quality recycled raw material as a by-product of the production line. It can be directly mixed into PE granules to produce PE products, or to be processed into granules to improve product quality and added value.



The pet bottle recycling line has two types, cold washing type and hot washing type. 

Cold washing - As the name suggests, the water used for washing is cold water at room temperature. The equipment cost is relatively low, and the finished product flakes can be used to produce plastic rope, brush wire, etc.

Hot washing - Compared with cold washing, the equipment has a heating furnace to increase the temperature of the washing water, and the produced flakes are cleaner, especially suitable for dirty raw materials containing grease and sundries. The finished products are mainly used for chemical fiber processing and textile industry.

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