Monofilament Making Machine

Multifunction Plastic Extruder Monofilament Making Machine 

This monofilament extruding machine made by KHMC can work with PP PE PA (virgin, regenerated or mixed)granules and PET granules and flakes as raw material. The diameter of finished filament is from 0.15mm to 5mm. The machine can work with twisting machine to make rope and spiral helical trimmer line. 

Material: PP PE PA PET

Finished shape: Round, Triangle, Star, Square, etc.

Extruder size: 65 & 80 & 90 & 110 & 125

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Product Description

Technical Parameters

Screw Diameter(mm)658090110125
Gross power(kw)90100130150170
Actual power consumption (kw)4050657085
Dimensions(m)L: 20-25, W: 2-3, H: 2-3
It can be designed according to workshop size.
Total weight(t)


The monofilament extrusion line is widely used to make different types of filaments, like rope filament, trimmer line, fishing line, builder line, grass cutting line, safety net, fishing net, vineyard wire, etc.


About Raw Materials

This machine is suitable for different materials like PP, PE, PET, PA. At present, PET recycled flakes are the most popular materials used by customers in most regions due to its wide source and low price of raw materials (waste water bottles) as well as strong tensile strength and anti-aging of the finished products. It is gradually replacing PP PE raw materials, but PP PE PA still has their unique advantages in making different products. For example, for trimmer lines, PA is the best choose. You can choose raw material according to the finished product requirement, material price difference and the specific needs of the local market. We will be very glad to provide suggestions. 

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