PP Macro Fiber Machine

Production Line of Reinforced Macro Fiber for Concrete


This concrete fiber extruding machine made by KHMC is suitable for different types of fibers, including the Danline type, embrassed type, twisted type, joint-hole type, net type, etc. 

Material: PP PE 

Finished shape: Flat monofilament

Extruder size: 65 & 80 & 90 & 110 & 125

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Product Description

Technical Parameters

Screw Diameter(mm)658090110125
Gross power(kw)90100130150170
Actual power consumption (kw)4050657085
Dimensions(m)L: 20-25, W: 2-3, H: 2-3
It can be designed according to workshop size.
Total weight(t)

Finished Product

This extrusion line is to make fiber for concrete. The combination of fiber and concrete substrate improves the inherent weakness of concrete and has various effects on concrete performance. The improvement of crack resistance and durability of fiber reinforced concrete is of great significance to the construction of high-quality, beautiful and durable projects.



KHMC has about 30 year’s experience in manufacturing of all types of PP, PE, PA, PET extrusion lines. After continuous improvement to our equipment, our machinery has the advantages of cost-effective, stable production, high efficiency, energy saving with low power, easy operation, etc. The concrete fiber produced by our machine has the characteristics of good dispersion, strong gripping force and strong pulling force.

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