Ring Twister

Multiple Spindles Ring Twisting Machine For Rope

The ring twister is a yarn doubling and twisting machine, which is suitable for pre-twisting and re-twisting of monofilament yarn and flat yarn. It is normally used to twist rope from 1mm to 3mm. The spindle quantity is optional from 4 to 64pcs. The machine fit with 6 & 8 & 10 inch bobbins which are the most common sizes for rope factories. 

Function: For filament twisting, mop yarn twisting

Rope size: 1-3mm

Direction: s or z

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Product Description

Technical Parameters

Type CZ-10/8CZ-10/12CZ-10/15CZ-10/18CZ-8/16CZ-8/24CZ-8/48
Spindle Size10inch 10inch10inch10inch8inch8inch8inch
Spindle Qty8pcs12pcs15pcs18pcs16pcs24pcs48pcs
Ring SizeΦ254×38.1㎜Φ254×38.1㎜Φ254×38.1㎜Φ254×38.1㎜Φ200×25.4㎜Φ200×25.4㎜Φ200×25.4㎜
Twist DirectionS or ZS or ZS or ZS or ZS or ZS or ZS or Z
Spindle Speed2500-4000rpm2500-4000rpm2500-4000rpm2500-4000rpm2500-4000rpm2500-4000rpm2500-4000rpm
Motor 7.5kw11kw15kw18.5kw11kw18.5kw22kw
Machine Size3000*2000*2500mm3500*2000*2500mm4000*2000*2500mm4500*2000*2500mm2500*2000*2500mm3500*2000*2500mm6000*2000*2500mm


The ring twister is suitable for different raw materials. It can twister single layer filament or multiple filaments into one strand, and can also make multiple strands rope by double twisting. 


More Choices

Our company specializes in the production of one-step and two-step twisting machine series. The one-step and two-step ring twisting machine series produced by our company has different specifications with ring diameter at 51, 55, 63.5, 75, 90, 100, 125, 140, 150, 165, 200, 254, 305mm. Our machines have the structural features of double rollers, double-sided operation, double turbines, etc., and can customize or produce various types of modified twisters according to the specific requirements of customers.


The twisting machine produced by our company has been improved accordingly to match the wire drawing machine. It is more suitable for twisting and double twisting of round yarn and flat yarn rope. Compared with the twisting shaft machine, its output is higher, thus reducing the production costs, increasing the profitability of customers. At the same time, for the convenience of customers, our company has launched 4 spindles, 8 spindles, 12 spindles, 16 spindles small and simple installation-free models, which are suitable for use in start-up factories. Welcome to contact us to get more details and professional advices. 

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