Strap Making Machine

High Quality Plastic Strap Making Machine PP PET Straps Production Line 

The machine is a professional plastic strap making machine, which works with PP or PET, the best strapping materials for securing any type of palletized or unitized load. The embossing and printing machines are available to make strap with pattern and logo.

Material: PP PET

Function: Packing Strap

Extruder size: 65 & 80 & 90 

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Product Description

Technical Parameters

Screw Diameter(mm)Ф65/80/90Ф80/90Ф40+80/90
Finished productsPP strapPET strapCored strap
Output (ton/day)1-3T2.5-4.5T2-4T
Installation Size (m)L: 15-25, W: 2-4, H: 2-3
Total weight(t)


The straps made by our machine are suitable for both manual packing and automatic packer. The straps are widely used to secure cartons, wooden box, bricks, etc. The application scenarios of PET packing tape and PP packing are different. PET packing belts are generally used for bundling large-volume and heavy-weight goods such as masonry, wood, wooden boxes, pallets, etc., while PP packing belts are generally used for bundling and fixing household appliances, furniture, logistics packaging cartons, etc.



Our machine helps customers reduce cost by using cheaper materials and saving labor cost. The strap making machine produced by our company are suitable for new materials, regenerated granules, regenerated flakes, and a mixer which adds a fixed proportion of calcium carbonate powder to reduce the cost of raw materials. The production line is easy for operation, entire production line only one operator, saving labor cost. Production formulas are provided free of charge and the technicians guide for operation are available.

More Choices

Our company has double extrusion equipment and triple extrusion equipment, which can produce two-color packing belts. Its products are used in handicraft production and special packaging industries. Packing belts produced by three-color extruder with core-spun process can effectively reduce the cost of raw materials.

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