Plastic Twine Blowing machine

Long-Lasting Plastic Blowing Machine For PP Twine & PE Tying Tape

The plastic blowing machine is to make tear film by air cooling. Its mold is in ring shape so the finished twine is with double layers. Same as made by the T-die type production line, the finished twine is call differently in different areas, like raffia, string, sulti, hay baler twine, tear film, split film, flat yarn, etc. The production line can also make PE tying tape, which can be used on automatic packing machine.

Material: PP PE

Function: For PP twine & PE tying tape

Extruder size: 65 & 80 & 90 & 110 

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Product Description

Technical Parameters

Screw Diameter(mm)658090110
Gross power(kw)60708090
Actual power consumption (kw)30354045
Total weight(t)


Finished products of this machine are used to make all kinds of ropes including packing rope, agricultural twine, industry twine, automatic tying tape, etc. The production line can work with ball winder or bobbin winder to make the baler twine into ball or spool shape. It can also work with twisters to make twisted twine, which can further made into twisted twine ball or twisted twine spool. The tying tape can work on the balers directly for packing and reduce the labor cost.


Advantages of Equipment

The plastic blowing machine made by our factory is multifunctional and cost-effective. Our equipment has improved the foaming process, hemming process, and embossing process, so that the finished products can present a richer form to meet the market needs of different countries around the world. The equipment is also suitable to make tying tape which can be used in automatic balers, which can save labor more effectively and are widely used in airports and packaging industries. At the same time, our company can produce two-color plastic twine by transforming the core parts such as extruder mold, which is welcomed by customers as a new product.

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