Inflow Twister

High-Efficiency PP Baler Twine Inflow Twister

Inflow twisting machine is a rope twisting and winding machine. It is a combination of twisting and winding, making twisted rope into spool ready for sell in one step. It is normally used as a component of PP baler twine production line, which is used together with pp twine extruding machine to enhance the tensile force and wear resistance of split film by twisting. 

Function: For yarn twisting

Rope size: 2-6mm

Direction: s or z

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Product Description

Technical Parameters

Traverse Roller200mm250mm300mm350mm
Running Speed1450r/min1450r/min1450r/min1450r/min
Rope diameter2-5mm2-5mm5-20mm10-30mm
Mix weight5kg, 9kg5kg, 12kg10kg, 20kg,20kg, 30kg,
ControllerWeigher or counter
Machine Size1100*1700*1250mm1100*1700*1250mm3080×1300×1500mm3380×1500×1600mm


This machine is professionally used for the production and processing of straw baling ropes in pastures. In addition to the production of forage baling rope, inflow twister can also be used for twisting cotton rope, filling rope, pp filler rope, glass fiber rope, carbon fiber rope, etc. 


Application Scenario 

In northwestern China, Central Asia, and eastern Europe, there is a huge demand and consumption of bundling ropes. These areas have vast grasslands and developed animal husbandry.  

More Choices

The inflow twisting machine can be used to make rope bobbins in 5kg, 9kg, 10kg, 12kg by twisting and winding. The diameter of the finished twisted rope can be up to 30mm. We can also make customized machine according to customers requirement. Customers are welcomed to provide sample to test to find the most suitable machine to make proper products, saving time, saving costs, thereby increasing profit margins. Welcome to contact with us to get more details and professional advices.

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