Bobbin Winder

Automatic Bobbin Winder Machine For Rope Spooling

The bobbin winder is a rope spool winding machine for processing all kinds of filaments, yarns, threads and ropes into spool shape. The bobbin winding machine can be used as an independent re-winder to increase the added value of the finished products. It can also be used as the winder of the plastic yarn extrusion line directly to make the yarn into spool shape in one step.

Function: Rewinder of rope

Finished product shape: Spool shape, Bobbin shape, Coil shape

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Product Description

Technical Parameters

Traverse Roller100mm150mm200mm250mm300mm
StructureHollow/ honeycombHollow/ honeycombBobbinbobbinbobbin
Running Speed1450r/min1450r/min1450r/min1450r/min1450r/min
ControllerWeigher or counter
Machine Size880×560×1150mm880×560×1150mm880×560×1200mm880×750×1200mm880×750×1250mm


Multiple materials, like plastic rope, hemp rope, paper rope, fiber thread, woolen yarn, cotton yarn, etc., can be used to make the spool shape with this winding machine.


More Choices

Our company can provide two different bobbin winders, standard and simple. The standard model is specially designed for plastic rope products. Two different measurement methods are available: weighing type and counting type. Each station can work independently. It is equipped with an independent motor and control system. The equipment is durable and stable. Simple models are mainly aimed at yarn products and are cheap. Customers can choose according to their needs.

Customized Equipment and Service

We can also make customized machine according to customers requirement. Customers are welcomed to provide sample to test to find the most suitable machine to make proper products, saving time, saving costs, thereby increasing profit margins. Welcome to contact with us to get more details and professional advices.

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